Post-Holiday Discounts From A Less Than Ideal Shopping Season

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  • The Home Affordable Modification Program is one part of Making Home Affordable. This program reduces the payments made by homeowners that qualify for it. To qualify, you must be employed and you can prove that you have enough income to pay for a modified payment.

    Switching to telecommuting can have other benefits. If an emergency arises, instead of getting a car title loan, you could sell the car and save even more on gas, maintenance and insurance costs as well as the high interest rate of a car title loan.

    *Pleasers- For those who are put in this category, money is seen as an extension of their emotions; used to please themselves or others. Although this type of spender can be a great philanthropist, they must be cautious not only of being taken advantage of by others but of spending and/or giving so much that they end up unable to take care of their primary needs. Taking out a payday loan to give someone else money, or support yourself because you were to free with your money, can put you in a precarious position with your finances.

    By definition, internal rate of return is the discount rate at which the present value of all future cash flows is exactly equal to the initial capital investment. To make the calculation, negative cash flows are discounted at the same rate (i.e., the IRR) as positive cash flows.

    When a person applies for a conventional financial aid, they are much concerned about the credit history of the borrowers to give money. This condition makes it a very time consuming exercise which defeats the purpose of getting quick money. Such criteria has been removed from these financial schemes which do not take care about the problems of bad credit ratings like late payments, defaults, arrears, bankruptcies, insolvencies, CCJs, debt consolidation etc while processing these applications of cash benefits. This makes the transfer within no time. The process of placing any collateral against the cash amount is also not required by the lenders. People like tenants, students etc can enjoy risk free cash benefits under such plans.

    1. Cash out your savings account- You may not have a dime saved which is why you got the loan in the first place but if you do, this may be a great option for you. It's scary tapping into your reserve but in the long run, you will be better off if you get your fast cash loan paid off. You most likely are earning a very low interest rate on your savings so it's not like you will be losing a lot of money should you turn to your savings to pay off your payday loan balance. In fact, the amount of interest and fees you will pay in the process of trying to pay off the loan will greatly outweigh what you would make off your savings. This may be a good learning lesson for the next time you find yourself in a cash crisis. If you have to, use your savings instead of borrowing. If you have the option, don't spend at all.