Evan Rubinson Discusses His Business Philosophy 

In an extensive interview, Evan Rubinson was asked about the motivation behind his current employment, as well as about the inner workings of this clever businessperson and leader.

Evan recalls that he grew up surrounded by music with his dad, who also worked in the music industry, as the source of his motivation for his profession. Evan states, “I grew up surrounded by music, playing the guitar, and witnessing the business side of this profession firsthand. After serving as President of a worldwide musical instrument firm, it was a logical progression for me to establish my own musical instrument brand and musical accessories company.

Evan Rubinson has vast experience in the industry of manufacturing and marketing instruments and supplies for musicians. By the time he was 25 years old, Evan’s enthusiasm for music had catapulted him to the role of President of famous music companies: Luna and ddrum Percussion, which he currently partially owns.

In the interview, Rubinson also talks about the importance of customer service and building a strong team. He believes that it’s essential to have a team of dedicated and skilled employees who are committed to the success of the company. He also stresses the importance of listening to customer feedback and using it to improve the products and services that the company offers.

Finally, Rubinson discusses the role of innovation in the success of the company. He believes that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and constantly look for ways to improve and evolve the company’s products. This has allowed the company to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing world of music and guitar making.

Overall, Evan Rubinson’s interview with IdeaMensch provides a fascinating look at the challenges and triumphs of building a successful company in the competitive world of guitar making. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to innovation, Rubinson has built the company into a respected and successful brand that is loved by musicians all over the world.

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About Evan Rubinson

Evan Rubinson has worked in the music industry for decades. During his time at Duke University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, he focused his studies on economics and finance. After graduation, he soon established Koroit Capital, a hedge fund that specializes in the healthcare industry.

Evan is the Chief Investment Officer of the Koroit Capital Fund. In addition, he owns and manages a number of commercial real estate assets in the Southeast region of the United States. It is clear that Evan is not finished pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful real estate and biotechnology investor.

Evan holds a board of directors seat at both the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and the Duke University Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee. In addition to Evan Rubinsons’s considerable charitable pursuits, he has contributed to the Mike Calta Family Foundation, the Wounded Warriors, the Southeastern Guide Dogs, and the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Read more about Evan Rubinson on 24-7pressrelease.com

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