Home Loan Deep Dive & Interest Rates

A home is one of the basic needs of any individual these days. However, it is not easy to get a home if you are an early professional or someone whose pocket strength is not adequate. Now, applying for a home loan is an easy process. However, the loan approval process may take some time. It does not end here, the real testament to availing a home loan begins when you get an approval for the home loan & have to pay the interest EMIs. The EMI is dependent on several factors like the credit score, the principal amount, the tenure & other key details of the HDFC Home loan that you have borrowed.

The HDFC Home Loan Interest rates are quite flexible & start from around 8.1%. The rates of home loans are also dependent on several factors. For an HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate to be lower, a good credit score is necessary to have. However, it is not necessary for an applicant to have a credit score.

In order to avail HDFC Home Loan Interest rate knowledge, log on to their website & read about the several offers that they provided along with the details of their products & the interest rates that they regularly charge.

The HDFC Home Loan Interest rate is quite competitive. They have a concept called Special Adjustable Home Loan rate, which ranges from 6.7 to 7.2% P.A. The 2 years fixed variant option also offers an HDFC Home Loan Interest rate ranging from 6.9 to 7.4% P.A. Knowing & understanding the various variants of the HDFC Home Loan Interest rate is what will allow you to choose the right option for you. At the end of the day, it is all about securing a good deal & getting the home of your dreams.

Deep Dive about Home Loans:

  • It is available to individuals with an age category of 21 to 65 years. Available to individuals who are employed, self employed, professionals, & other earning citizens. There is no mention of minimum earnings. However, the home loan can be availed for an amount ranging from 1 Lakh to 10 Crores.
  • The tenure of the HDFC Home Loan Interest rates is for 30 years. No prepayment charges are applied. Prepayment means paying off the loan entirely earlier than the due date.

The HDFC Home Loan Interest rate process is quite easy. It begins with filling out the relevant documents that one needs as per the determined procedure. It would require identity & residential proofs, salary slips & ITR returns, and property-related documents, duly filled application forms. Apart from these, you must be aware of all the loan related documents, the terms & conditions that are attached to them & the various compliances that you need to follow through. You can also go through some tax laws or ask a consultant to see if you can save some on tax.

Buying a home is one of the best things you can do in terms of securing your future.

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