Why Compensation Should Not Be a Dirty Word

There are many instances which call for someone to claim compensation, and today we are going to talk about why we have to stop thinking of this as a dirty word. Recently there was a video which went viral from a DC medical malpractice lawyer, which discussed this exact topic. In that video the lawyer described how many people who have been the victim of medical malpractice, fail to come forward and claim when such an event has happened. Much of the reason why people don’t pursue a claim is because they have the wrong idea about compensation, so we are here to set things straight.

Why Compensation Exists

The reason why compensation exists in court proceedings is that it is the best option that the courts have got to reward an innocent party involved in an incident. First and foremost this money is there to cover any medical bills which a person may have incurred, and to cover any loss of earnings which have come about as a result of their injury. Additionally the courts are able to put a cash value on the type and severity of the injury as well as the pain and suffering which a victim has gone through. There is no way to turn back the clock, and money is the best way to help someone overcome this kind of event.

Hit In The Pocket

Another reason why compensation is important is that it hits the responsible party in the pocket. There are some situations whereby negligence is criminal, but in the main it is not, which means that a single party cannot be brought to criminal justice. The best that the courts can do is hit these people or businesses in the pocket. Now you may be thinking that the insurance company will cover them against this, and you are right. What we have to remember however is that when a claim is made, the cost of insurance is likely to go up in the future, so it will still financially hurt the negligent party.

Damage From Small Time Lawyers

One of the biggest issues around people’s idea of compensation is that they perceive it to be a way of getting money for nothing, which of course it is not. This has been created by small time lawyers who recognized that they could make multiple claims and get out of court settlements for their clients, whether they were in the right or not. We have seen aggressive marketing campaigns from these ‘Saul Goodman’ types, almost forcing people to remember the slightest injury which they have ever faced. The reality however is that compensation is for people who have been involved in incidents which were not their fault, injured as a result and who require financial support to help them out. This is the only purpose of compensation and the only instances whereby people should claim.

We have to make sure that we change our perception of what compensation is, so that more people can make valid claims when they are involved in an incident which wasn’t their fault.

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